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The past six months have felt hectic here at the shop! Here’s a quick run down:


  • Stock up for spring, cause everyone is chomping at the keep their ponies from chomping at the bit.
  • Road shows which includes more stock, packing half the store into a 20 foot trailer, setting up booth spaces, sitting, neigh, standing at said road shows, pack it all back up(well hopefully not all of it!), come back home, empty trailers, re set up shop, order more stock, put out all fires that may have started while away.....and exhale!


Our most recent show is probably one of our favourites, if not our favourite! At the end of October we head off to the Manitoba Ag Ex in Brandon where the MRCA Finals take place.


Fancy that it’s our favourite. Considering it is probably the most work of them all. Especially this year. We worked so hard to be ahead of ourselves this year, yet, the stars did not align for us. And somehow we were scrambling the week ahead to get things somewhat together. Chickens! We probably looked like chickens in a henhouse when a fox sneaks in! Honestly it was one of those, “don’t even think it might go wrong, cause then it will,” times. Needless to say, things came together at exactly the last second and we made it!

^Us questioning our sanity the day before heading off to Brandon 

And as anticipated, it was a REALLY great time! I think we love it soo much because we get to go visit with all our rodeo family! And cheer them on as they get to enjoy where all their hard work got them through the year!


^Set up just getting started

We had some awesome locals make it to Finals this year! Including a couple of our own sponsored competitors: Jon Kolochuk, Tyson Salmon and Stran Dunham.


This year we added to our set up with a hat shaping booth . Something that’s been growing and we saw great reception with that this year. We got a new steamer set up, added some sitting chairs for all yall to rest in between, and of course brought some great seasonal felts.


^How a hat starts out if you are getting one shaped up

And we had some great friends help us clean up on the last day! Maybe we did a little chair racing too(if you didn’t catch our video the first time).

Can’t be all work and no play :)


Seriously, FUN time at the AG Ex! Go if you ever get the chance. It’s awesome cause it’s OUR people!


And though this is a high of ours, we do come back feeling like we will never recover. Of course we do gain that extra hour of sleep the following weekend, thanks to daylight savings here in ‘Toba!

So we come home exhausted, and happy. But we have to switch gears, because even tho it feels like we didn’t get to experience much of Fall, the rest of the world is starting up for Christmas! It Snows, everyone starts to put up their trees. It’s Christmas Time! Maybe cancel the snow I write this I look outside to see all the snow we had is GONE!


So once again, we gotta stock up! We try very hard to predict what you guys want for Christmas, and plan how we get ready for all you awesome folks to visit us! What does Christmas prep include other than picking the perfect items for under your Christmas tree??? Because we want you all to feel at home here...

  • Decorating, involves something new every year! We dig deep into our creative minds to dress the shop up, and outdo the previous year!
  • Advent Sales(Always a must here, What better way to count down to Christmas than with sales?)
  • Not yet confirmed, but knowing mom, there will probably be treats of some sort!
  • And this year, we’ve got another little thing we’ve been planning...if we can get everyone sorted out, I think ya’ll will like it!


And guys, I know Christmas shopping can be hard, and overwhelming. If you’re not feeling it this year, I hear ya, been there. Shoot, I usually leave most of my personal Christmas shopping till last minute(I don’t recommend that for sanity). But here’s the thing, we have been helping you guys with your shopping for the past 7 years! So we have a few ideas up our sleeves already! Please talk to us about what you are thinking you want to do this year, or about what you are not thinking! We would love to help! Giving gifts is actually really important. One of the 5 love languages, soo, it’s a big deal! Tell us, ask us, discuss with us.


We are literally your elves!!!! And we are sworn to secrecy...Santa said so!


Can’t wait to see you for the holidays!

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