Summer of 2020 – Changes and Hurdles

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Summer of 2020 is so different and filled with so many new challenges, thoughts and feels. As it is for you as well, I am sure.

First off, we are so grateful for that one thing we really don’t like to sell because of its inability to pay the bills. It ended up being the one thing that was able to keep us open and deemed us an essential service during all the shutdowns in spring. Funny how that works sometimes.

Then there are the hurdles of acquiring product to the door.  Since a large majority of what we offer comes out of the US we have had to wait on getting the product here, as each state runs their own restrictions, as well as, companies taking their own precautions.  Some chose to not ship to Canada as they were working with only a skeleton crew and some business were not even able to go to work because of other political issues. And it ain’t over yet.

Today the struggle continues on and we continue to work on patience.  Reminding ourselves daily that there is only so much we can do and as the old cliché goes “it is what it is”.  “Roll with the Punches”. Patience and kindness and grace are the best way to do this and keep it positive.

Keep smiling!

And then there are those road shows we will be missing.  At first it doesn’t seem we are missing much at all when you think about; standing outside on pavement in high heat and humidity, strong winds trying to blow your product away, thunderstorms threatening do drown you out, losing half of your summer to travelling around and packing and repacking, coming home exhausted knowing you have to pick yourself up and do it again tomorrow. 

While at home any yard work you had started is falling apart.  Those flowers you planted died.  Things back up at the shop.  Never mind the house.  Go, go, go!

Believe it or not we are missing these shows. When we sit here talking about past road shows and rodeos we mostly remember the people and our hearts smile. The people we won’t be seeing this year.  It kind of makes the heart a little lonesome. 

We will be missing soo many of you: Watching and cheering for some of our young sponsors competing and doing what they love. Seeing new people come by your booth and making new friendships.  The super cranky vendors that appear year after year and they make you smile because you have memorized some of their personal antics.  The carnie ride guys!  (Most definitely these guys.)  There is always a smile and a joke from them because we are doing this together.  Knowing that we are playing the same game, trying to make ends meet and how that seems like a fantasy in and of itself. The hosts of the rodeos and appreciating the mass amounts of work they go through to bring it all together.  Oh and all the competitors and their families, and all the people that travel from rodeo to rodeo, putting in countless underappreciated hours working behind the chutes making it happen weekend after weekend. Of course there is always Dave Poulson, one of the kindest rodeo announcers/people out there.  Then there is the guy who shows up every year in the same community because you have the short sleeves he likes. 

People.  So many people.  People young and people old.  People of so many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds coming together to enjoy the same thing.  So many different faces.  So many different smiles.

The people.  Faces, smiles, engraved in our hearts. It’s always about the people.  Very Real People in a Very Real World.

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